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Get inspired by succesfull projects improving biodiversity in mining quarries.

Valorization of the natural environment, the educational and pro-ecological activities in the area of the Nowogród Bobrzański Natural Resources Mine

PolandQuarry Life Award 2014

The Territory of Quarry as the Depositary for Rare Plants and Basis for Environmental Education - Территория карьера как депозитарий для редких растений и...

UkraineQuarry Life Award 20143rd prize (National contest)

The influences of non metalliferous ore exploitation on biodiversity and its social impact

RomaniaQuarry Life Award 20141st prize (National contest)

The biodiversity close at your eyes / La biodiversidad al alcance de tus ojos

SpainQuarry Life Award 2014

Re-greening of degraded landscapes, the role of herbal medicine (alchonea cordifolia) as a tool for sustainable ecological and socio-economic development

GhanaQuarry Life Award 2014

Public Awareness Raising / Повышение информированности населения

KazakhstanQuarry Life Award 20141st prize (National contest)

Increase of saxaul planting in the territory of CaspiCement’s quarry / Увеличение посевов саксаула на карьере ТОО «КаспийЦемент»

KazakhstanQuarry Life Award 20143rd prize (National contest)

Biodiversity, Restoration, and Educational Trails on a Reclaimed Rock Quarry

North AmericaQuarry Life Award 20142nd prize (National contest)

Biodiversity and education/Биоразнообразие и образование

RussiaQuarry Life Award 20143rd prize (Public contest)