To participate in the first edition of the Quarry Life Award all interested candidates must submit their project proposal by Friday 17th February 2012.

The top five proposals in each national contest will then be chosen by the national jury to further develop their ideas. Field research will take place between March and September 2012.

How to proceed to submit a proposal?:

To ensure the coherency between all submitted project proposals, a form template has to be filled in by the interested candidates.

- Open "About" / "How to participate"
- Download the form template 
- Fill it in 
- Go back to 
- Click on "Login" in the navigation bar
- Enter the username and password you registered when downloading the template
- Click on the "Log in" green button 
- Click on "My proposal" on the left handside 
- Choose your "Topic" and select "the quarry" 
- Upload your proposal file 
- Click on "Save".
All filled-in proposal forms must be uploaded by 17th February 2012.
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Wishing you all an enhancing competition!


Let your idea boost biodiversity.   

"Nature will be the biggest winner"!


The Quarry Life Award Coordinator