The Western Quarry in Slite is a grand setting. The quarry has almost reached its endpoint and it is time to decide how to design the edges. There are big nature values in this site that today are inaccessible to tourists and the inhabitants of Slite. An ongoing project to create a pond where fish can play is established by Cementa in collaboration with the local fishing club and the wetlands are full of birds and rare species. These are values that are hard to reach today.

We as landscape architects see a great possibility and challenge in making this site accessible while at the same time strengthen the biodiversity. These are our two parallel main focuses. 1 - preserving and strengthen biodiversity at the site. 2 - making this nature accessible for people to experience.

Our project idea is to design a trail in the area with "hot spots" which enables visitors to bird watch by Bogeviken, see the Northern pike play, move over wetlands and gaze over the quarry. Both in between, as well as at these hot spots the loop will contain many different biotopes that we want to preserve, benefit and let everyone know.

The new trail will be connected to an existing jogging track and connect the community of Slite with the industrial site of Cementa, but also the surrounding nature with the man made environment.