The environmental education for conservation biodiversity in Tanzania, is beginning at the secondary level while in the primary and kindergarten level this education is poorly provided. Most of the primary schools in Tanzania are participating the environmental conservation through the environmental committee created to oversee the overall school environment. Furthermore the environmental conservation particularly the biodiversity is not a stand-alone subject but it is a topic in the subject. Descending down to the kindergarten level, the situation is worse. There is no any programme to enhance and building the kids’ interest of conservation of environment. The education of environmental conservation is very important regardless the age. There is a need to provide this education starting to the kindergarten level. The study is intended to use the Wazo Hill quarry as case study to educate the children on conserving the environment. The study will promote the innovation and talents of kids through games, song and drawing cartoon related to the conservation of biodiversity and rehabilitation of Wazo Hill quarry. The study will  assess what is known by kids on biodiversity in general. Finally the biodiversity kids tool and documentary will be prepared for other Tanzanian kindergarten.