In a relief along with horizontal surface, we can also meet inclined slopes. The surface is covered by clods non humus , infertile earth, stones and among them in places it is possible to meet “plots “ of loose earth. There is a possibility that these “plots” have moved from the deep layers of the earth and there are no signs of fertility there. I consider that these “plots” are the future oases of a quarry on this lifeless field. Our purpose is to promote formation of soil, and with the help of so-called effective microorganisms (e.m.) along with accompanying plants. On the above mentioned “plots” by terraces or by small islets there will be placed specially prepared bio pots and such places will be marked, so that they could be easily found. Pots with seed soil will be prepared in advance. In our case in seed soil we will mix seeds of grassy legumes for example of a clover, a soya and in the same pot we will plant seedlings of a fur tree or a paulownia. Planting of pots in the earth will occur after the rain or before the rainy weather. Near to the pots, it is possible to plant some weeds with a powerful root system, with a creeping body and with good adaptable abilities. These plants will create additional green mass and will enrich soil with a humus. Plants in biopots will be periodically watered and whenever possible to submit effective microorganisms. Plants can be found easily on marks.