The idea is developed on the bike path, about 1.4 km, built around the southern, sub-west boundary of the Monte Giglio quarry.

The track, made by Italcementi with i-Drain material, is frequented by citizens for the practice of sports activities: footing, slow or fast walks, a passage for cyclists or a simple transit. The track is attended by citizens of all ages and welcomes a remarkable pool of people.

It is proposed to set up along the track a series of information boards on what is behind the fence:

photographs of how it was before and how it is now: from the natural morphology of the soil to the vertical walls and splits

depicting the flora and fauna that find their natural habitat and they would never come to the original area

"application" development for smartphones able to read QRCodes on panels to recall web pages with videos, photos and documents about site biodiversity

the panels complete with tips for practicing physical exercises that can be carried out on the path

an area can be identified from the cycle track that could allow safe access within the quarry that was not cultivated where a point of observation of the new habitat

the organization of visits for schools and for everyone in the quarry area which is no longer cultivated would encourage citizens to be more concerned with the protection and improvement of the new environment