The countdown is on! The deadline for submitting the final Report is only one month away.

The deadline for uploading the Final Report is 20th September 2018. 

When writing your report, the most important things to consider are:

  • To participate in the international contest, you must submit your report in English. 
  • File(s) must be uploaded to the Quarry Life Award website before 20th September 2018 (midnight, Central European Time).
  • The upload limit on the website is 10MB. 
  • Reports have to be 10 pages long (Arial 10) – this does not include the title page and table of contents.
  • If annexes are needed these should be at the end of the report document (in addition to the 10 pages).
  • Do not provide more personal data in the document than absolutely neccessary
  • Complete the Species list template as well and upload it to the website, too

The QLA team wishes you a productive month!