Biodiversity of the soil dwelling invertebrates will be studied as in natural, so in degraded habitats of Saskhori Quarry and adjacent territories for the first time; Annotated lists of springtails, mites, spiders, false scorpions, harvestmen, myriapods, isopods, beetles and ants will be compiled; New species for Science will be described and the first recorded species for the Caucasus and Georgia will be revealed; Ecological indicator and dominant species will be detected; By comparison, faunistic and ecological analyzes will be carried out as in virgin, so in different level degraded habitats in quarry and adjacent riparian forest and agroecosystems (almond tree plantations); Pupils of Nichbisi and Kavtiskhevi public schools and students will be involved in the investigation in order to become they interested in researches associated with biodiversity; Results of the project will be published as article(s) in the peer-reviewed journal(s) and will be presented in international conferences.

9th field trip and laboratory work

Collecting samples and identifying species from the Saskhori quarry.

წაიკითხეთ მეტი

Lab Work

Our team sorted materials collected from pitfall traps and soil and mounted specimens for identification. Afterward, faunistic and ecological analyzes will be carried out.

წაიკითხეთ მეტი

First field trip

Collecting samples and installing traps.

წაიკითხეთ მეტი