The members of the "Land and freshwater snails: a too poorly known fauna of the quarries" team are members of the "Société Belge de Malacologie" (Belgian Malacological Society) or/and of "Natagora Basse Meuse" (Natagora Low Meuse Valley). About 12 persons are involved in the project.

Core of this team are :
- Claude Vilvens, malacologist, long-term organizer snails samplings on the field and president of the "Société Belge de Malacologie" [the man with moustache and glasses];
- Claudine Jordan, naturalist, president of "Natagora Basse Meuse" [the woman with short hairs];
- Johann Delcourt, biologist, PhD, specialist of the environmental studies and ethologist [the man with a net];
- Etienne Meuleman, malacologist, vice-president of the "Société Belge de Malacologie" [the man with a small box in the right hand];
- Myriam Peruzzi, litterature teacher, active member of of "Natagora Basse Meuse" and naturalist walks fan [the woman with long hair and glasses].

And now, the game : try to identify them on the photographs ;-) !