Apart from maybe finding new species for pout survey, the aim of this walk was to confirm and deepen the finds we made during our first prospecting on the dry sunny slopes in the north of the quarry.

No surprise : we have immediately found the species that like dry biotopes (yes, surprising for snails !). They are Helicella itala, Cernuella virgata (rocky fields and grasses), and Clausilia parvula (grassy boulder and rocks).

Climbing the slopes to reach the crests, we found on the shrubs Monacha cartusiana and Merdigera obscura, with the omnipresent Helix pomatia and Cepaea hortensis.

But this day was also the day of the small and very small snails : we have observed the very widespread Discus rotundatus, but also the tiny Pupilla muscorum, Cochlicopa lubrica, Aegopinella pura (1st record) and even the very tiny (up to 2 mm !) Vallonia costata (1st record).

Regarding the slugs, we found the very commmon Arion vulgaris and the rather common Arion rufus and Arion ater. In the bright woods at the top of the hills, we found moreover the pretty Limax maximus.

The Loën quarry is really a maloco-sancturary :-) !