The project will end soon and we are happy to give here a short conclusion.

Our study, based on 7 exploring days, covers 32 stations located in the quarry, corresponding to 7 kinds of biotopes.
And the result is that the presence of a 38 species of molluscs has been established, with more precisely 28 land snails, 9 slugs and 1 freshwater gastropod.

Such a richness is very high for Western Europe habitats, making Loën a very interesting sanctuary for malacofauna.

Also important to notice: we observed many juvenile and subadult specimens, for snails as well as slugs. The same observation is right regarding clutches. This means clearly that the quarry is considered by the molluscs as a quiet and sheltered area, suitable for feeding, growing and breeding.

So, what else :-) ?

Thank you to all our readers ! It was nice to note that many people enjoy our regular updates :-) Keep enjoying molluscs walking in our beautiful landscapes !

Claude, Johann, Claudine, Etienne & Myriam