As I stated in my project proposal, one of the main aims of my work is to raise biodiversity in Lespezi Quarry by building a nest for the birds of prey in the area. We know that being on top of the food chain, predators offer an accurate insight on the area's natural balance.
To do a good thing, I have looked up information in several bird guides and also on the internet, where I have found some good advice. A well set nest will be often and rapidly populated, which makes this method an efficient job (
Buzzards and falcons often have their nests on top of the trees; they usually populate old nests of corvid (Svensson, L. et al., Collins Bird Guide, 2009).
As I have seen many crow nests, I will build a crow-like nest using eco friendly materials like branches, sprigs, sticks and leaves. I believe this kind of action could be repeated next to every quarry, because of its proved functionality.
Soon, I will put some photos up, showing progress.