Hello everybody!
The 11th and 18th of March, we carried out the plantations of the 4 modules designed to attract pollinators. In total, we planted 240 plants. Each module is made up of a combination of 9 plant species of different sizes: shrubs (mainly aromatic) and herbaceous, to favor the formation of a vegetable cover on the ground. All species can develop flowers that can attract pollinators. The species have been selected according to their edaphic and climatic requirements, in addition to the phytosociology of the area.
We made the holes using hoes and shovels, without mechanical help. This required a great effort in those areas where the soil was more stony. Also, on March 11th, the weather was rainy and windy, but it didn't stop us from finishing the job.
We also like to thank the help that our friend Nuria gave us in the plantation. Thank you so much!
We attach some photos!
See you soon :)