During this first part of our study, as we will do during the entire work, we have study all the ecological and biological aspects, among which the habitat requirements are mandatory to be discussed. In this area of study, the natural habitats are under anthropic influence, from the quarry's activities and also from the near by villages activities. We found many different types of habitats: caves, forest, meadows, pastures, streams, swamps, rocky areas, agricultural landscape, etc. The most important effect of the quarry's direct and indirect activities are reflecting on caves habitats, but following the legislation, the authorized activities and authorities requests the effect can be reduced at minimum. In another part of this study we will discuss the most important ecological rehabilitation lines to be followed. Another important influence on habitat requirements for key species is represented by near by villages anthropic activities. We have found a lot of different types of garbage ( household waste, tires, construction materials etc.) disposed into the natural habitats in the protected areas territory. This means that ecological education is needed. Another aspect of habitat requirements are the environmental conditions. We have monitor the differences between temperature, humidity and due point between the quarry and the surroundings in order to identify the suitability of the quarry's habitats for the identified key species.