Actually all of new species were expected to be found but I was still happy when I found them. The nicest finding were two adult tree frogs (H. arborea) sitting in the gravel near water pools. Interesting was observing two big groups of R. temporaria eggs, which were just hatching. One adult B. bufo was listened and tracked down. The sandpit seems to be full of adults and subadults of sand lizard (L. agilis). Approximately ten common newts (L. vulgaris) and 50 edible frogs (P. esculentus).

In the pictures: 1 and 4 – Hyla arborea, 2 and 6 – Lacerta agilis, 3 – male Lissotriton vulgaris, 5 – just hatching Rana temporaria tadpoles, 7 – Bufo bufo, 8 – male Lissotriton vulgaris – belly painting for future animal identification and 9 – female Lissotriton vulgaris.