The 6th of May, we went to the plantations to establish the sampling modules: both within the plantations and outside (around the quarry area). In addition to the 4 planting modules, another 4 modules were selected at random within the planting area and 8 modules outside the planting area, around the quarry. As shown in the images, the recent rains have allowed the flowering of some of the species that we planted.
We attach photos of the flowers present in the modules and of the bees observed in the modules. It should be mentioned that in some modules outside the planting area, we can find the same species that we have planted in our modules, but more developed as thyme, asfodelo or sage, which are currently in bloom. In addition, we can observe other interesting species for pollination, such as orchids of the genus Ophrys, which develop naturally in the habitat where the quarry is located.