Fourteen woody species have been identified in natural regeneration in reforested formations. Useful species cited by local populations during ethnobotanical surveys are also found in natural regeneration. These are Azadirachta indica, Milicia excelsa, Morinda lucida (frequently used species); Ceiba pentadra, Elaeis guineense, Lonchocarpus cyanescens, Milletia thonningii, Moringa oleifera and Spondias monbin (species of less frequent use); and other species. But their densities are low: 1 to 5 trees per hectare. Only Flueggea virosa, a common species regenerate abundantly 76.67 trees / ha. The natural regeneration of these species being weak, it deserves to be assisted because the biology of the reproduction of the local species is often difficult to control.