Rare species: O.U.G. 57/2007 with 2011 additions, ANEXA 4 A - Zerynthia polyxena
IUCN RED LIST - Maculinea arion (EN), Parnasius mnemosyne distincta (NT), Hipparchia fagi (NT)
Declin species (at European level according to IUCN): Scolitantides orion, Neptis rivularis, Hamearis lucina, Maculinea arion, Parnasius mnemosyne distincta, lycaena alciphron, Zerynthia polyxena, Hipparchia fagi
Thriving species: All the species that were not listed in the other categories.
Following the three factors category proposed by NatureServe applied on the selected key species we can issue the following conclusions:
1. All the key species are linked to the flora key species, therefore, the conservation of the selected flora species and their habitats, which provides host individuals for egg deposition, food and shelter, will lead to the conservation of butterflies selected species.
2. Even if some species are in decline at European level, the local conservation status is favorable applying the conservation measures.