Rare species:O.U.G.57/2007 with 2011 additions:Annex 4B–Salamandra salamandra,Bufo bufo,Annex 3 and 4A–Triturus cristatus, Bombina variegata,Annex 4A-Rana dalmatina,Vipera ammodytes ammodytes,Zamenis longissimus,Podarcis muralis,Lacerta viridis
Declin species (at European level according to IUCN)–Salamandra salamandra,Triturus cristatus,Bombina variegata,Rana dalmatina,Vipera ammodytes ammodytes,Zamenis longissimus, Natrix natrix.
Thriving species: Bufo bufo, Podarcis muralis, Lacerta viridis
Following the three factors category proposed by NatureServe applied on the selected key species we can issue the following conclusions:
1.According to Romanian legislation (O.U.G. 57/2007 with 2011 additions) all the selected key species are in need for conservation measures, but as we can see some of them are thriving even according to IUCN European Red List.
2.The decline species at European level are also threaten at national and local level. For amphibians, the ecological trait that linked them to the aquatic environment and for reptile especially the wrong local people education and lack of ecological education which most of the time leads to their death on purpose, even if they represent actually useful species for agriculture and zootechnics keeping at optimum level the harmful species.
3.The amphibians represents also bio indicator species for the health of the environment, therefore where the amphibian populations are in decline the ecosystem is damaged, unhealthy.