At a time when less and less attention is paid to nature protection, it is necessary to educate the society about the unique value of flora and fauna. Today we celebrate the World Sparrow Day and the World Frog Day. In this way, we want to raise the issue of the disappearance of habitats in which sparrows or frogs would have conditions for development, reproduction and rest.

By the way, we decided to present our logo to you.
The proposal includes the most important elements of the project:
- short name of the project;
- images of lapwings, frogs and butterflies as representatives of individual groups of animals that we protect within the project;
- the name of the competition;
- umbrella motif, symbolizing the protection of: birds, amphibians, reptiles and insects*.

* The most important species for the design are hoopoe and lapwing. It is one shape-over-shape friendly to many other animals. Thus, these two birds represent either cover or umbrella species. Their conservation is beneficial to the improvement of the situation of many other co-occurring species, as well as to the care of their habitats.

Logo creates a coherent whole picture and will signal all our further actions.