At the end of March, our research team visited Saskhori limestone quarry, which is located to the west of the same-named village. To the north of the extraction site, the river Kura meanders. The surroundings are characterized by steppes, pastures, scrublands, and woodland in different stages.
The field expedition aimed identification of habitats environs limestone quarry, the inventory of early spring plants, and the assessing plant diversity to better represent the value of the conservation plot.
We found some interesting flowering wild plants (Iberian barberry; Common juniper; Cornelia cherry; English violet; Yellow star-of-Bethlehem; Grape hyacinth; Sulfur cinquefoil etc.) and some of the flowering plant samples we took for more identification.
The next expedition is scheduled for mid-April to better explore the career area, see more plants in the flowering period, and inventory all of them.
In addition, I would like to note that this year there is late spring in Georgia and nature is waking up now.