Despite the unfavorable weather conditions, the hoopoe (Upupa epops) began to return to the breeding areas in Poland. This beautiful bird measures only 25-32 cm. Its plumage is characterized by: clay-orange coloration with black and white-striped back and wings. For this it has a black tail with a white headband.

In 2005, the number of hoopoe in our country was estimated at only 4,000 pairs. In relation to the area of Poland (312 679 km2), it was then 1 individual per 39.08 km2. Changes in agriculture, including the lack of grazing of cattle by farmers and the chemical treatment of crops, have made the population of hoopoe in Poland unstable.

In KSM Ruda, we have installed a D-type booth. The area around this location is a field ecosystem with a large water reservoir. Therefore, during the next visits to the project area, we will observe whether the nest box has already been occupied by hoopoes.

Based on the analysis of data from the Euro Bird portal on the movement of hoopoes, it can be seen that the birds have started their intensive migration and are returning to the breeding grounds in Poland. In the first days of April, 8 observations of hoopoes were recorded, including 3 cases in the Śląskie Voivodeship (database Detailed data is presented in the graphics attached to the entry.