Protection of our planet should take place every day, not only on this one special day of the year.

So let us remember about pro-ecological attitudes, and above all, let us not destroy what is valuable around us. Let's not litter beautiful forests, don't burn meadows, segregate rubbish, let's switch from car to bicycle or public transport, let's save electricity. Let's not just think about ourselves, let's not be selfish. Let us respect and save what is left on our planet.

On the occasion of Earth Day, we decided to clear the area where our project is being implemented. In particular, we wanted to remove glass and plastic bottles from the drainage ditch closely adjacent to the project area. Broken glass can injure jumping or crawling amphibians. At the same time, it can cause a fire in the summer. After clearing a small area, we collected two large bags of garbage - mainly glass and plastic.

Remember that plastics take 100 to 1000 years to decompose. For example: candy wrappers stay with us for 450 years, and plastic bags for 400 years. A cigarette butt takes up to 5 years to decompose. In contrast, glass bottles take up to 4,000 years to decompose! That is why it is so important not to litter the environment, and to segregate waste and throw it into appropriate containers for specific types of raw materials.