On May 2, 2022, our project was attended by members of the Sosnowiec Local Activity Program - "Konstantynów" Residents Club. They were of Polish, Czech and Ukrainian citizenships. The age profile was also important. Both adults and children participated in planting trees, sowing a flower meadow and other works. For seniors, it was an opportunity for occupational activation.

At the beginning we went to the headquarters of the mine. The manager discussed the health and safety rules and told the audience about the quarry and the individual fractions of raw materials. On the other hand, in the project area, all interested parties were divided into groups. Each of them had a different task. It was: planting 800 trees and shrubs (alders, beeches, oaks, buckthorns), preparation of the area and sowing of flower meadow seeds, and planting perennials around the water reservoir.
It was extremely uplifting that everyone willingly engaged in helping nature.

During the break between the works, we told the gathered group of people that without human help, some species are threatened with extinction. Project participants could hear about: biodiversity management, species richness, including rare birds in KSM Ruda, and the role of small water reservoirs and flower meadows. Working together and talking together allowed us to point that there is an urgent need to address the direct and indirect factors causing biodiversity loss.