The selection of species was preceded by detailed studies of the composition of the soil and waters in the area. On this basis, the authors of previous project chose to plant: gray willow, blackthorn plum, pedunculate oak, bird cherry and hawthorn. Blackthorn and hawthorn were planted to provide shelter and food for birds such as: red-backed shrike, Eurasian blackcap, song thrush, and grosbeak.
It is worth noting at this point that we have already noticed, among others, in the area of the mine. gander (which we reported as the first in Poland), and recently also a great grey shrike. This means that the goals of the previous project have been achieved and it is worth using the best already confirmed ways. During the previous visit, together with volunteers, we planted seedlings of: English oak, black alder or common beech - species that already grow in the area and which will help to achieve our goal, i.e. to increase biodiversity and improve the living conditions of birds in the Ruda quarry. It is important because the May observations allowed us to find the first specimens of jays and blue tit, which have not been present in this area so far.