A pool frog (Pelophylax lessonae) settled in the freshly dug pond, liked its shallow waters and willingly hid under some roots. On the escarpment, we managed to spot a sand lizard. Of course, after seeing us, it hid immediately, but we managed to capture it in the photo. Both encountered specimens, although they are not threatened with extinction, they are under full legal protection in Poland. These species should be protected because their natural areas of occurrence are constantly shrinking and therefore their number is declining. This year's drought is also not conducive to the increase in the number of frogs in the country. Especially in the spring time, we should pay attention while driving a car, during and after the rain, when the frogs tend to migrate and often die under the wheels of our cars.

During the tour on the area where we implement the project, we could hear the croaking of frogs in the vicinity of the water reservoir. A roe deer once again appeared and it jumped in front of us and quickly ran away. We noticed that some freshly planted tree seedlings were bitten, most likely by deer. A bit further, we saw a brown hare. This species in Poland is a hunting species with a protective period. The appearance of so many representatives of the fauna allows us to hope that in the future the area of the project will become a place of asylum for many animals, thus the goal of the project, which is to increase biodiversity, will be achieved.