During the day there will be guided tours and moments of observation and recognition of the species seen and photographed. Christiana Soccini, Vincenzo Ferri and Ugo Cavagnini will prepare the participants for the surveys and to the secrets of the flora and fauna of the Castenedolo Woods. From a distance, with ready online availability, the bioacoustic recordings Gianni Pavan, Marco Pesente and Corrado Battisti will await.
All the observations of flora and fauna will be uploaded to the iNaturalist.org platform, in the BIOBLITZ LOMBARDIA 2022 project and for this reason the event is sponsored by the Parks Area of the Lombardy Region.
To participate at the event it is advisable to pre-register by Friday 20 May using the form accessible at this link:
https: //docs.google.com /.../ 1lZHfnZF1pXgaXL4hHEdM ... / edit ...