Bearing in mind the goal of the project, we created a flower meadow. We started with marking out an area of approximately 100 m2. Then we dug the area around to make it easier to find it when the area is covered with plants and flowers. The rest of the area was carefully raked and cleared of stones and roots.

In such prepared area, we were able to start sowing annual and perennial seeds. We started out by sowing sunflower seeds along the edge closest to the water reservior. Right next to it, the seeds of wild plants intended for birds. In the middle of the meadow, we sowed seeds from a bee-friendly mixture, which includes: centaurea, cornflower, summer savory, gypsophila, white clover, dill, calendula, chrysanthemum, common corn-cockle, perennial flax, common sage, echinacea, echium, matricaria, sinapis, lupinus. We sowed phacelia and common poppy seeds along the front border of the meadow.

In order to avoid pecking the seeds by the numerous bird species present in the area, we covered the seeds with a thin layer of garden soil and then trampled the area. Finally, we watered the entire area of the meadow. We hope that in the future the meadow will be eagerly visited by bees, bumblebees and other pollinating insects. In the autumn, we plan to mow the area of the meadow, and then remove the cut plants by shaking the seeds from them onto the ground, so that in the following year the flower meadow would attract pollinating insects.