It is recognized that up to 87% of plants are pollinated by useful insects such as bees. It is for bees that a special holiday was established - World Bee Day. This interesting initiative was established by the United Nations and is celebrated every year on May 20.

You don't need to love honey or use medicinal propolis to appreciate pollinators. When we think of our favorite fruits or vegetables, then we should consider what role, for example, bees play in their formation. If not for them, the diversity of plants would be negligible. That is why, as a part of our project, we made sure that throughout the growing season, the bees could get their food from.

Like all organisms, pollinators also need water for living. And thanks to the small water reservoir in KSM Ruda, these tiny insects have a place to quench their thirst. Next to it, we sowed a flower meadow, which will attract busy pollinators until late autumn. However, in another place we planted a buckthorn, whose pollen bees can carry up to 1.5 km! In addition, we planted oaks and hawthorns, which are an ideal complement to perennials that we planted in the surroundings of a small lowering of the area.

Will bees and other pollinators disappear from the Earth? It all depends on us! As you can see, a little effort is enough to help our winged friends. And we decided to educate children and the youth. You can read about our visit to primary school in the next post. And this one will come soon ...