Last Friday we focused on exceptional classes with students of Primary School No. 39 in Sosnowiec. It was with great pleasure that we undertook the training of young people in the spirit of respect for the natural environment. We started our classes by filling in a 10-question questionnaire, which was created earlier as part of the Quarry Life Award project. After short discussion, a multimedia presentation was displayed. After watching it, students could learn: what is ecological debt, what are the greatest threats to the environment, and we talked about what each of us can do to help nature. On the other hand, on the example of squirrels and giant pandas, young people learned what umbrella species are.

In the second part of the class, students were divided into 4 groups. Each of them was given one topic to be developed. The works concerned: lapwings, hoopoes, amphibians and reptiles, insects. It was great to see how the young people used the acquired knowledge in the process and worked as a team on the graphic presentation of the topics. The result of these works are colorful posters that will be displayed at school’s boards.