When creating a flower meadow, we came up with the idea to put near it a house for insects, especially for bees. We bought a fairly large insect house with dimensions of 52x40x10 cm, made only of natural materials, mainly of wood. Before starting installing it, we decided to protect the wooden elements with a wood impregnation and put the mesh on the front part so that the elements of the house were secured against falling out and the whole thing would serve for many years.

When starting the installation, first we attached a long strip to the rear part of the house, thanks to which the house will be placed above the grass level. Then we dug a rather deep hole, into which we threw stones to prevent the board from tipping over. We put a batten into the prepared pit, secured it with stones and buried the pit. In this way, the house is at the desired height and you can see it from a distance.

We decided to sow the seeds of the flower meadow around the house so that the insects would not have to fly far in search of food sources. We hope that the insect house prepared by us will fulfill its role for many years.