As we are an educational project, sharing knowledge is one of our priorities. That is why we were pleased to visit the students of Primary School No. 38. We started our meeting with a presentation about nature conservation, especially birds and the Quarry Life Award project. The children learned about the breeding season of birds and together we got to know the structure and adaptation of birds to the ability of flying. During the stories of hoopoes, blackbirds and lapwings, the students could compare the size of the eggs of the native bird fauna.

In the next part, the children could learn about unique trees and their importance in nature. Thanks to this, we were able to raise issues related to natural hollows and the installation of nesting boxes for cavity nesters. After the lecture, it was time for action.

The classes were divided into groups of 4 and the children started creating the boxes under the watchful eye of the tutors. Type A and A1 boxes were selected for this purpose, i.e. for tits. Together, we have built 6 nesting boxes that will soon be able to host our winged friends!