Despite the poor weather, we still decided to engage in the night outing. Thankfully, the evening turned out to be superb: cool, peaceful and with a stunningly starry sky. Around fifty people showed up for the excursion. Nunzio illustrated the project, Stefano framed the area from a geological and botanical perspective and Gabriele explained the importance of the place for birdlife: indeed, around100species of birds have been counted in the vast urban area over the course of the year. We listened to the chirping of nightingales (Luscinia megarhynchos), owls (Athene noctua), long-eared owls (Asio otus), western jackdaws (Coloeus monedula) and scops owls (Otus scops). Next, we walked on the path through the wooded stretch along the perimeter of the former quarry. Finally, we admired the arrival of numerous jackdaws back to their roost housed in the locust forest in the northern section of the former quarry: more than 300specimens were counted.

Malgrado il clima avverso decidiamo di confermare la gita notturna! Una cinquantina di persone si presentano per l’escursione. Nunzio presenta il progetto, Stefano inquadra da un punto di vista geologico e botanico l’area e Gabriele presenta l’importanza del luogo per l’avifauna: nell’area vasta comunale, infatti, sono state censite circa 100 specie di uccelli nel corso dell’anno. Ascoltiamo il canto di usignoli, civette, gufo comune, taccole e assioli. Ammiriamo il rientro di numerose taccole al dormitorio.