The level of knowledge of our recipients is important because we would like to be able to determine which areas of this knowledge are in excellent condition and which still need to be deepened.

We were pleasantly surprised by the number of people who took part in the survey. To this day, 443 people have completed the questionnaire, which makes us very happy as its results will certainly be reliable. The average number of points obtained for answering all the questions was 7.44 points / 10 points, which indicates a good state of knowledge of our respondents.

Some of the questions turned out to be quite simple, and some gave you - our audience - a little more difficulty. Two questions in particular turned out to be relatively the most difficult:
Question 4: What types of nesting cavities do we distinguish? The correct answer is the primary and the derivative - such an answer was given by 39% of respondents.
Question 10: What are umbrella species? The correct answer is birds and mammals, the protection of which contributes to the creation of protection areas for various groups of animals. Such an answer was given by 47.5% of the respondents.

The easiest question, was about the plants that we find most often close to water reservoirs. As many as 95% of the respondents gave the correct answer (broadleaf cattail, black alder, marsh-marigold).
Once again, we would like to thank everyone for taking part in the survey. We will publish the full results in September.