On June 21, 2022, our project appeared in the Kindergarten No. 47 - "Słoneczko" in Sosnowiec. From the beginning of the project, we wanted the nature content we conveyed to reach different age groups. This time they were preschoolers. The main goal was to bring children closer to nature and to shape a caring attitude towards plants and animals.

Classes were conducted mainly through play. All children received wooden images of mammals, birds and tree leaves, which they were to match with the appropriate cards with species names. The places of their occurrence were also discussed.

Another idea for a friendly and effective ecological education was matching seeds, cones and leaves to the pictures of trees. At this stage, egg models were also used, which the children had to combine with the photos: lapwings, jackdaws, hoopoes and tit.

At the end of our meeting, the children were divided into 8 groups, whose task was to carry out works on the beauty of nature. Seeing the involvement of preschoolers, one can hope that they will grow into a generation sensitive to the needs of nature.

It also shows that shaping the environmental awareness of preschool children should be one of the basic areas of education. Children learned to think pro-ecologically at a later stage of development will be able to care for the environment and respect its elements.