As you already know our project main idea is to set in-situ conservation plot in the vicinity of Saskhori Limestone Quarry.
Main purpose of our field expeditions environs Saskhori Quarry is to to study plant species diversity, compile a detailed checklist, create a photo library and choose an optimal place for in-situ conservation plot.
Our focus is not only on rare and endangered plant species, but on all target species. For today we have described 95 plant species.
The demonstration site could clearly show the power of natural processes and the importance of native species adapted to the local conditions.
We met also local school representatives, presented our project main purpose and values. Local school pupils will be included in our project, they will help us to collect the seeds and also for future to monitor the conservation plot in an easy way.
We are planning our next expedition together with a zoologist, who will try to identify the optimal species composition at demonstration sites.