In the post-mining area, we found a beautiful English oak (Quercus robur). We decided to measure its circumference to estimate its age. We measured the height at 130 cm. We found out that his circumference is 338 cm, which indicates that he is even 241 years old! So it is unique.

Due to its beauty and impressive size, we decided to check if it had the dimensions of a nature monument. In accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of the Environment of 4 December 2017 on the criteria for recognizing works of living and inanimate nature as monuments of nature, our oak meets these requirements.

For beeches and oaks, 300 cm was indicated as the minimum circumference. So the pedunculate oak gives the impression of being majestic for a reason. We would also like to emphasize that it is also a native tree and a long-lived species. Under favorable conditions, it can live up to 700 years. Thanks to their long and strong roots, pedunculate oak trees can withstand even very strong winds.

Large-sized ancient trees are not only interesting natural objects, but also objects of great historical and symbolic importance. Due to the agricultural areas around our oak, it is valuable that it influences the microclimate. According to many studies, the presence of trees increases agricultural yields by as much as 10-20%. In addition, trees accumulate CO2 and reduce the ambient temperature.