Persistent periods without rain have a devastating effect on the local flora and fauna. Even a small amount of rainfall cannot meet their natural needs. Animals are forced to migrate and plants die faster. In the case of trees, there is leaf atrophy and dry-crest. Then the trees die.

Drought can cause the soil to dry out, and in areas such as those around KSM Ruda it can lead to the destruction of agricultural crops. This phenomenon is called soil drought (lack of water for plants).

According to UN report, no country in the world have a drought immunity. This means that all measures to stop the negative trend should be taken now. It is recognized that in Poland, since 2011, we have been dealing with permanent summer drought. In many Polish cities records have been broken for high temperatures, even in a 50-year period.

Therefore, as part of our project, two lowering of ground were created as reservoirs of water, we planted trees and shrubs, and the planted perennials and geophytes were protected with bark and sawdust to prevent the soil from drying out.

It is also important that we should learn to save water, because it is a life-giving element of the natural environment.