This time, we focused the most on birds related to the aquatic environment. Water reservoirs with mild shores are places where they feed and breed, among others Charadriiformes (Charadriiformes). It is a very sensitive group to changing habitat conditions, including drainage.

At the beginning of the workshop, we conducted a project survey and than discussed the correct answers. Thanks to this, the participants had the opportunity to learn what umbrella species are. Then the activities undertaken within the QLA were discussed. The children could learn about the types of bird boxes and see how one of them is built.

The participants also had the opportunity to learn the basics of creating bird islands. One of such islands for black-headed gulls and river terns was established on Lake Goczałkowickie. The workshops were very popular. In the form of the "pair up" task, our group could see chicks and adults, such as lapwings, redshank, little ringed plovers, or common ringed plovers.

As part of the trip, an ornithological walk was carried out, during which we observed: black-headed gulls, river tern, gray heron, black crowned night heron, cormorant, gray wagtail and great tit. Finally, we played nature puns.

Once again, we have found out that environmental education is of great value, and through fun and practical classes, people have the opportunity to gain new.