Despite the unfavorable weather conditions, the attendance at our ecological workshops was very high. This is optimistic and shows that people are looking for knowledge about environmental protection.

We started our joint activities with a presentation about birds. Participants received cards with images of birds living in meadows and wetlands. Their task was to combine adults and children in pairs. Then, an animated film was presented, which became an opportunity to discuss about nestlings and cavity nesters. In the next part, a project survey was carried out. Seniors were eager to share their insights and we discussed the correct answers together. Most questions concerned umbrella species and cavity nesters.

In the main part, seniors had the opportunity to hear about our activities for biodiversity. They were very curious about the ways of building insect houses. For building insect houses, we used recycled materials and plant elements.

At the end of the workshop, images of animals that we observed at the project area were displayed. And at the end, the participants obtained honey plants, which they can use to support insects.