A Transquarry Bike park will be planned and arranged in and around Sakhori quarry, where limestone extraction works have been completed or are being carried out (on the recommendation of specialists). The park will attract cyclists, cycling enthusiasts and extreme sports enthusiasts from different regions. The Trialeti Range with its terrain and quarry area soil opens up an arena of excellent opportunities for project implementation. A dendrological park with recreational load will be arranged along the racing trails. During expeditions (both sports and amateur), the local community will be able to engage in commercial activities (local dishes, guides to nearby park sights, mobilize family hotels, etc.). The activities organized in the Transquarry Bicycle Park will create direct economic benefits for the communities living around the company's area of activity.
With proper management and planning of the bicycle park, it is possible to create a standard that will be extended to other quarries, including the connection and will have a significant impact on the creation of a bicycle network. Due to the strategic location of the quarry, the area of ​​the planned bicycle park may become a research laboratory for the connection to the European network, where the standards of the European routes will be considered. The precedent creates the prospect of connecting to the network in the future.

20220430 Meeting with company representatives and mountain trail specialists

Our project foresees the arrangement of an international standards bike park in the quarry area. The practice of arranging a bike park on quarries results from the fact that the construction of a bicycle park itself causes an intrusion into the natural environment and creates a certain damage consequently. The arrangement of a bike park in the quarry area will reduce the encroachment of unimpaired natural resources on other territories and ensure the development of recreational areas within the...

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QUARRYTRAIL – BIKEPARK 30.04.2022 ვიზიტი კარიერზე

ჩვენი პროექტი მოიაზრებს კარიერის ტერიტორიაზე საერთაშორისო სტანდარტების ველოპარკის მოწყობას. კარიერებზე ველოპარკის მოწყობის პრაქტიკა გამომდინარეობს იქიდან რომ თავისთავად ველოპარკის მშენებლობა განაპირობებს ბუნებრივ გარემოში შეჭრას და გარკვეული ზიანის მიყენებას. კარიერის ტერიტორიაზე ველოპარკის განთავსება შეამცირებს ხელუხლებელი ბუნებრივი რესურსის ხელყოფას სხვა ტერიტორიებზე და უზრუნველყოფს ველოპარკის ინფრასტრუქტურის ფარგლებში სარეკრეაციო ტერიტორიების აღმოცენებას.

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Working visit with Representatives of cycling sport

Concept development, consultation with professionals, planning;

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Some References From The Bike Parks Worldwide

Mountain biking is a sport of riding bicycles off-road

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Quarry Trail -- Bikepark

Quarry trail - Bikepark will be community-run bike park, based on experiences of the different kinds of professionals - trailbuilders and riders, landscape architects and biologists, who will work from the early stages of planning the unique site specific masterplan.

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