The limestone in the quarry Norra Brottet is used as raw material in the close by cement plant. The quarry has been situated on the plateau mountain, Nord billingen since the 1950ies. The mining of limestone is regulated by an environmental permit given by the swedish enviromental court. To the permit a general restoration plan is connected. The Natura2000 area ‘Klasborg-Våmbs ängar’ is situated south of the quarry. The total areas of the existing quarry is 82 ha.

Topographical description: 

Norra Brottet is situated on the north and western side of the Våmbs village. North of the quarry lies housings of the main city Skövde. The mining result in steep slants and sharp edges. The restoration plan describes how these can be used and partially transformed or smoothened to create an interesting landscape that fits with the surrounding areas.

ჰაბიტატის, ფლორისა და ფაუნის აღწერა: 

Natural values in the surroundings area are habitats in the Natura 2000 area ‘Klasborg-Våmbs ängar’ and the values to the plateau mountains North and South Billingen.


Nature protection projects
- Working in compliance with the restoration plan
- Recreational area is being created in an old part of the quarry. It was opened to the public in 2015.
- Grazing sheep help to maintain biodiversity in the recreational area.

Socio-economical projects
- Guided tours of the mining site are given upon request